Kosher Updates

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In order to keep the community informed, please see the below list of recent and relevant Kosher alerts as well as other Kosher information.

Kosher Updates

The Kosher Department is pleased to announce that there will be three types of Matzos available this year, under the supervision of the BD.

Shemura Matzah (Rakusens Shemura Matzah). This Matzah is made from wheat that is under supervision from the time it has been harvested until after the milling. The entire manufacturing process is under the BD’s continuous supervision, and the equipment is thoroughly cleaned after every 18 minutes.

Tanur Rishon (Mosmarks). This Matzah is supervised from the time of the milling and is the first batch of Matzah baked after the equipment has been thoroughly cleaned. Orders for Tanur Rishon Matzot can be submitted to Kosher World.

Regular Matzah (both Rakusens and Mosmarks). This Matzah is supervised from the time of the milling until after the baking. The equipment is thoroughly cleaned every few hours.

New Kosher Products

The following Canderel Granolas “no added sugar cereal” are kosher parev, when bearing a BD logo:

  • Seeds
  • Original

The following Freshpak Cappuccino Instant Rooibos Drinks are kosher dairy, with or without a logo:

  • Cocoa
  • Original
  • Vanilla

San Remo Pulse pasta (made in Italy) – parev, certified by OU, with or without a logo.

The following Woolworths Yogi Baa medium-fat yoghurt cheese, are kosher dairy and require a BD logo:

  • Plain
  • Strawberry

Woolworths Labneh plain is kosher dairy and requires a BD logo.

The following Woolworths Light Meat Shredded Tuna pouches are kosher parev and require a BD logo:

  • Brine
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Mexican Style Salsa
  • Black Pepper and Lime Dressing

Kosher Alerts Summary

Blue Ribbon Bread products must have the following letters printed next to the best before date on the packaging in order to confirm their kosher status, BAE or BCT.

Dewfresh Fruiticool drinks are erroneously labelled parev, these products are in fact dairy.

Jungle Muesli, Cranberry & Yoghurt Clusters is erroneously labelled parev, this product is in fact dairy.

The following Jungle Muesli are erroneously labelled dairy, they are in fact parev:

  • Mixed Berry
  • Nuts & Seeds

The Tantalize Milky Mix is incorrectly labelled parev, it is in fact dairy.

The Kitchen chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch and caramel puddings are erroneously labelled parev, they are in fact dairy.

Some of the labelling errors highlighted above do occur from time to time as manufacturers are constantly developing new products or packaging. Unfortunately due to tight deadlines or honest mistakes they occasionally print their labels before checking with us. When we are made aware of such errors, we bring it to the manufacturers’ attention in order to make the necessary corrections and we notify the community immediately.

Kind Regards

Rabbi Dovi Goldstein
MD Kosher