Kosher Updates

Dear Community Member

In order to keep the community informed, please see the below list of recent and relevant Kosher alerts as well as other Kosher information.

Kosher Updates

If a store is not listed on our website as a kosher establishment, when buying from there, make sure to check for reliable kosher logos on food products.

If you are unsure if the logo is reliable or not, send a picture to Kosher Desk on 063 693 9417 for confirmation.

New Kosher Products

Ina Paarman Sticky Plum and Soy marinade is kosher Parev and requires a Beth Din logo.

Middlecut in brine under the Lucky star label produced in Thailand is kosher and parev with or without the BD sign.

Spur Creamy Honey & Mustard Dressing is kosher Parev and requires a Beth Din logo.

Spur Creamy Peri Peri Dressing is kosher Parev and requires a Beth Din logo.

The following Theonista products are kosher Parev with or without a Beth Din logo:

  • Gingerbeer
  • Gingerbeer, Sugar Free
  • Rooibos Infused Chai Concentrate
  • Cape Point Blend Kombucha
  • Bushmans Blend Kombucha

Wellington’s Red Pepper Hot Sauce is kosher Parev with or without a Beth Din logo.

Wellington’s Habanero Hot Sauce is kosher Parev with or without a Beth Din logo.

Woolworths Baked beans are kosher Parev and requires a Beth Din logo.

  • Baked beans in tomato sauce
  • Smokey baked beans
  • Reduced salt & sugar baked beans in tomato sauce

Woolworths Salted butter is kosher Dairy with or without a the Beth Din logo.

Kosher Alerts Summary

Bokomo Otees Bubblegum flavoured multigrain toasted cereal with marshmallows erroneously bears a Beth Din logo.

Clover Cheese – the 800g Gouda and Cheddar blocks, when manufactured in November and December 2019, are only kosher when bearing a visible Beth Din logo.

Fiestas Tomato Salsa Flavoured Tortilla Style Corn Chips are incorrectly labelled Dairy. This product is in fact Parev.

The following Future Life Whole Grain Granola Bars are erroneously labelled Dairy, they are in fact Parev:

  • Real Honey
  • Real Berries

Jungle Muesli, Cranberry & Yoghurt Clusters is erroneously labelled Parev, this product is in fact Dairy.

Staffords Creamed Horseradish is incorrectly labelled Parev. This product is in fact Dairy.

The following Woolworths Frozen Fruit mixed ice lollies should no longer be used:

  • Strawberry, mint and other fruit
  • Orange, mango and other fruit
  • Blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and other fruit
  • Granadilla and mango

The Cape Town Beth Din regrets to inform that the Seasons Harvest, Gourmet Green and Genadendal frozen broccoli and frozen cauliflower should be avoided pending further investigation.

Some of the labelling errors highlighted above do occur from time to time as manufacturers are constantly developing new products or packaging. Unfortunately due to tight deadlines or honest mistakes they occasionally print their labels before checking with us. When we are made aware of such errors, we bring it to the manufacturers’ attention in order to make the necessary corrections and we notify the community immediately.

Kind Regards

Rabbi Dovi Goldstein
MD Kosher