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PESACH GREEN LIST – Updated 10 April 2019

In the interest of assisting the community with their Pesach requirements, the BD Kosher Department has done extensive research on many products and we are so pleased to be able to provide this list to the community.

These products may be used on Pesach with a regular BD logo unless stated otherwise and DO NOT require a special Pesach logo.

This list is only for Pesach 5779/2019 and will be subject to review annually.

The following items must be new and unopened:

  • Fresh milk and cream, this should preferably be bought before Pesach, however, some are meticulous to use only Chalav Yisrael milk for Pesach as it is under full-time supervision.
  • Butter from Clover, Mooiriver and Springbok, both salted and unsalted.
  • Extra virgin olive oil, with or without BD logo.
  • Avocado Oil
  • Eggs, with or without BD logo.
  • Raw unprocessed honey, however, processed honey poses a risk as some companies adulterate honey with corn syrup. Therefore, with regards to any packed or processed honey, even honey with the words “pure honey” on the label, require a Pesach Hechsher.
  • All iodated or non-iodized salt, however, iodized salt would need a reliable Pesach Hechsher as ascorbic acid may be used in the process which is either kitniyot or chametz origin.
  • Plain Himalayan salt
  • Bicarbonate of Soda, must state “B.P” on the packaging, as this confirms that no additives have been added.
  • Whole spices, such as bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and peppercorns.
  • Pure cocoa powder, however, any repackaged products by smaller suppliers would require a reliable Pesach Hechsher.
  • Quinoa and chia seeds, with or without BD logo. Due to the fact that Quinoa and Chia seeds are often grown in close proximity to chametz, these products need to be carefully checked for other grains before Pesach.
  • All unflavoured still water, however sparkling water requires a reliable Pesach Hechsher as it may be carbonated using CO2 from a brewing (grain) source which would constitute as chametz.
  • Unflavoured coffee beans and ground coffee that is dry roasted, as long as they are not decaffeinated with or without BD logo, however instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee, coffee pods and capsules require a reliable Pesach Hechsher.
  • All unflavoured teas, rooibos, green tea and herbal tea. Fruit and flavoured teas require a reliable Pesach Hechsher.
  • I & J and Sea Harvest, plain frozen, whole and filleted hake only.
  • Woolworths frozen filleted hake, with a regular BD logo.
  • Fruit and vegetables. All fresh fruit and vegetables are fine to eat during Pesach with or without BD logo as long as they are not kitniyot or known to be infested. They should preferably be thoroughly washed first prior to use. Some also have the custom to peel the skin from all fruits and vegetables.
    • Pre-Cut fresh fruit and vegetables are fine to use, including sharp items when purchased from any reputable supplier such as Pick n Pay, Woolworths and Checkers and should be rinsed before use. However, it is ideal to purchase from a supplier that has a Pesach Hechsher as it has been supervised with a full-time supervisor.
    • Dried fruit requires a reliable Pesach Hechsher.
  • McCain’s frozen vegetables, with the regular Beth Din certification, are fine to use as long as they do not contain kitniyot, such as peas, corn and beans. Any potato products, such as wedges and chips, require a reliable Pesach Hechsher.
  • Nuts in their shell, with or without BD logo. However, any nuts that do not have a shell or are processed, such as pistachios, require a reliable Pesach Hechsher as the same packing lines may be used for chametz or kitniyot.
  • Foil products, with or without BD logo.
  • Wax paper, with or without BD logo.
  • Baking paper, locally manufactured by Sylko and Twinsaver are fine to use with our regular BD logo, however, imported baking paper requires a reliable Pesach Hechsher.
  • Paper plates and cups, and all other paper products with or without BD logo.
  • Dishwashing liquid, with or without BD logo.
  • Toothpaste, with or without BD logo.
  • Dental floss (unflavoured)
  • Cosmetics, facial cosmetics, nail varnish removers, antiperspirants, deodorants, hair sprays, shampoos, shower gels, baby wipes (alcohol-free) and soaps, may be used as they are inedible. Many Halachic authorities are of the opinion that lipsticks, perfumes and aftershaves are also permissible as they are inedible but there are those who follow stricter guidelines.

Kind Regards

Rabbi Dovi Goldstein
MD Kosher