Kosher Updates

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In order to keep the community informed, please see the below list of recent and relevant Kosher alerts as well as other Kosher information.

Kosher Updates

When Nutriday Yoghurts re-designed their packaging, the Beth Din logo was erroneously left off. They are aware of this error and are in the process of correcting it.

The following yoghurts are still kosher certified, milchik, with or without a Beth Din logo:

Medium Fat Smooth Flavoured yoghurt

  • Strawberry
  • Tropical Coconut
  • Vanilla
  • Vanilla Pear
  • Vanilla Raspberry
  • Raspberry
  • Pineapple
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Mixed Berry
  • Mango
  • Lychee Cranberry
  • Kiwi Pineapple
  • Grape
  • Granadilla
  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry
  • Banoffee
  • Banana
  • Apricot
  • Lime Fusion (Strawberry, Litchi and Watermelon lime)

Double Cream Flavoured yoghurt

  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Lemon Cheesecake
  • Plain

Kosher New Products

The following Teas are now Kosher Certified, parev, with or without a logo:

Five Roses:

  • Wellness Chamomile
  • Vanilla & Cinnamon flavour
  • Strawberry & Blackcurrant flavour
  • Ruby Orange Flavoured Fruit Infusion
  • Passion Fruit & Cranberry Flavour
  • Loose Lemon Flavour
  • Loose Ginger Flavour
  • Green Tea with Apple & Pear
  • Green Tea with Mint Flavour
  • Chai Spice


  • Wellness Echinacea
  • Rooibos with Senna
  • Rooibos with Ginseng
  • Rooibos with Chamomile
  • Rooibos with Echinacea
  • Rooibos Tea with Watermelon & Mint Flavour
  • Rooibos Tea Cranberry & Pomegranate Flavour
  • Rooibos Tea Honey Flavour
  • Rooibos Tea Lemon Flavour
  • Cappuccino Cocoa Instant Rooibos Drink
  • Cappuccino Original Instant Rooibos Drink
  • Cappuccino Vanilla Flavour Instant Rooibos Drink

The following Golden Cloud CAKE-IN-A-MUG flavours are now kosher certified, milchik, with or without a Beth Din logo:

  • Cappuccino
  • Choc-Mint
  • Chocolate

Woolworths Yogi Choobes 9 packs are now kosher certified, milchik, only with a Beth Din logo.

Kosher Alerts Summary

Bokomo Otees Bubblegum flavoured multigrain toasted cereal with marshmallows erroneously bears a Beth Din logo.

Staffords Creamed Horseradish is incorrectly labelled parev. This product is in fact milchik.

Honeyfields Choc dipped cones are incorrectly labelled parev. This product is in fact milchik.

Jungle muesli cranberry and yoghurt clusters are incorrectly labelled parev but it is in fact milchik.

All the above companies have been notified of their labelling errors and are in the process of correcting them.

The labelling errors highlighted above do occur from time to time as manufacturers are constantly developing new products or packaging. Unfortunately due to tight deadlines or honest mistakes they occasionally print their labels before checking with us. When we are made aware of such errors, we bring it to the manufacturers’ attention in order to make the necessary corrections and we notify the community immediately.


Kind Regards

Rabbi Dovi Goldstein
MD Kosher