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In order to keep the community informed, we are launching a regular communication update which will list recent relevant Kosher alerts as well as other Kosher information.

Kosher FAQs

The following King Cone ice creams are Kosher Milchik even if they do not bear the BD logo on the packaging:

  • King Cone Choc Affair
  • King Cone Bar One
  • King Cone Vanilla

Kosher Alerts Summary

House of Biscuits coconut biscuits are incorrectly labelled Parev but are in fact Milchik.

Dairymaid Mega ice creams are incorrectly labelled Parev but are in fact Milchik.

The following Wedgwood nougats are incorrectly labelled Milchik but are in fact Parev.

  • Almond nougat
  • Macadamia nougat
  • Cranberry nougat

Thrive high protein multigrain cereal is incorrectly labelled Parev but is in fact Milchik.

Dewfresh Fruiticool Dairy Drink orange, peach and pineapple flavour are incorrectly labelled Parev but are in fact Milchik.

There are a number of Evox products that are incorrectly labelled with the Beth Din logo. The following products by Evox and SSN are the only Kosher certified products:

  • Evox 100% Advanced Whey Protein French Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Evox 100% Advanced Whey Protein Deluxe Double Dutch Chocolate
  • Evox 100% Advanced Whey Protein Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl
  • SSN 100% Whey Protein Chocolate
  • SSN 100% Whey Protein Strawberry
  • SSN 100% Whey Protein Vanilla

The rusks made by Eureka Mills are incorrectly marked as Parev. In fact, all the Eureka Rusks are Milchik.

Nutri Nibble Power Nougat is incorrectly labelled Parev and is in fact Milchik.

All the above companies have been notified of their labelling errors and are in the process of correcting them.

The labelling errors highlighted above do occur from time to time as manufacturers are constantly developing new products or packaging. Unfortunately due to tight deadlines or honest mistakes they occasionally print their labels before checking with us. When we are made aware of such errors, we bring it to the manufacturers’ attention in order to make the necessary corrections and we notify the community immediately.

Kind Regards

Rabbi Dovi Goldstein
MD Kosher