New alert

Herring in Cream Sauce made by Mediterranean Delicacies is erroneously marked as Parev. It is in fact Milchik. The company apologises for the error and is taking corrective action

Recent alerts

Frankie’s Ice Lollies carry an unauthorised Beth Din logo. These ice lollies are NOT kosher certified. The manufacturer is taking corrective action to remedy the situation.

Gluten Free, Cranberry and Almond Biscuits as well as Mocha Chocolate Biscuits manufactured by Fresh Earth Gluten Free Bake House are erroneously marked as Parev. These products are Milchik. The company apologises for the error and are taking corrective action.

Kiri Cheese is not approved as kosher even when bearing an overseas hechsher

Whey Nougat Protein Bars marketed by Sensational SA, carry an unauthorised Beth Din logo along with the word “Parev’”. These products are not certified. Corrective action is being taken