Kashrut Update – Various

Cote d’Or Mignonettes product of Poland is NOT kosher certified. We understand that all imports into SA are now from Poland. Please check labels carefully. (Product of Belgium and Switzerland are approved).

Woolworths Tomato Chilli Jam erroneously bears a Beth Din logo. This product is NOT kosher. This was originally announced in February but there remains mislabelled stock on store shelves.

Ceres fruit juices available in Dischem, which bear a Beth Din sticker, do not contain any grape juice.

Tigerbrands Chikree (coffee substitute), previously Clifton Chikree, is certified kosher, parev with or without a BD logo.

Cadburys Dairy Milk Bubbly and Mint Bubbly are certified kosher, milchik, with or without a BD logo, when manufactured in SA.

Yummy Crunch Biscuits, previously certified, are no longer kosher. There is no BD logo on the packaging.

Kosher Complete Multivitamin, certified with BD logo, available from Kosher World, Sandringham Pharmacy, Nutribalance Health Shop in Norwood Mall, Dischem Athol and Benmore.

Following an in investigation, the Beth Din has determined that Couscous requires a reliable hechsher.