Chalav Yisrael & Communication

In our efforts to ensure continuous availability and good quality of Chalav Yisrael products, we have met with a number of manufacturers, retailers and community interest groups.

One consistent theme that emerges is that given the relatively small demand for Chalav Yisrael products, production is not continuous, and consumers are often unaware of when products will be produced or where they are available.

The need for communication is paramount, and to this end, we have created a Chalav Yisrael “Google Group”.

Its purpose is to notify users regarding batch production, availability, tips and other issues relating to certified Chalav Yisrael products. It is a group for information, not for complaints, free advertising or putting others down.

Users will be able to communicate with each other via the group as well.

We encourage the entire kosher community, not just those who are particular to consume only Chalav Yisrael products, to join the group, as news and information relating to kosher products (Chalav Yisrael or otherwise) would be of benefit to all consumers.

The group is

To Subscribe – three simple steps: 

  1. Send a blank email to (that’s bd_chalav)
  2. You will receive an automated reply
  3. Reply to the above ‘reply’, and you will then be a member of the group

Once a member, you will be able to set the number of emails you receive, whether individually or in a digest, or not at all, allowing only for web viewing.

The UOS remains committed to ensuring that the needs of all members of our community are met, and with your partnership, we believe we can achieve this.