Please note that it has been found that there are a number of products that are being sold as “Matzah” which are not suitable for Pesach.

Please check that the Matzah that you are purchasing has a reliable Hechsher and is Kosher for Pesach.

The Beth Din certifies both Mozmark’s and Rakusen’s Matzah as Kosher for Pesach.


Chametz is only created by the fermentation of flour from one of the five major grains in the presence of water. Fermentation in the presence of all other liquids – such as fruit juices, wine or eggs – cannot become Chametz. The mixture commonly known as Egg Matzah (although it is usually made today with apple or grape juice) may therefore be eaten during Pesach without any concerns of Chametz as long as no water is added. If even a drop of water is added to the mixture or to any of its ingredients, the mixture becomes Chametz almost immediately.

It is for this reason that the custom among Ashkenazim is to refrain from using Egg Matzah during Pesach, unless it is absolutely necessary for children or the elderly who would have difficulty eating regular Matzah; and even then they may not fulfil the Mitzvah of eating Matzah at the Seder with Egg Matzah.