Pesach Guide now online

The Beth Din Pesach Guide is now available on our website.

There you will find:

  • Product/Cosmetic/Medicine Lists
  • Pet Food List
  • Laws of cooking on Shabbat and Yom Tov
  • Info on chametz, bedikat chametz, burning of chametz
  • Kitniyot, kitniyot derivatives, “egg matzah”
  • Kashering instructions and practical A-Z applications
  • Seder requirements
  • Zmanim (times/dates) for JHB, CT, Durban, East London, Plett, PE
  • Some laws of sefirat ha’omer with omer calendar
  • Sale of chametz forms or online sale option
  • Previous Pesach alerts and bulletins

The actual hard copy of the guide is kindly sponsored by Pick n Pay, who advise us that they will have them in stores shortly. 

Remember that not all products on supermarket “Pesach” shelves are necessarily kosher for Pesach. Consumers are required to check each and every item purchased to ensure it has a reliable Pesach hechsher. 

Queries or comments? Simply email us via our website.