Mrs Balls Chutney in retail size containers is now Kosher.


As this product has a long shelf life, there is still stock of the previous non-kosher product on store shelves.

Unilever will be printing the Beth Din logo on the labels of the new kosher stock, but only after their existing supply of labels has run out, which is approximately six months.

In the interim, the new kosher stock of Mrs Balls Chutney may be identified by the “best before date” appearing on the container.

The “best before date” on Kosher Mrs Balls Chutney must be:

On glass bottles – from February 2013 and later

On plastic jars – from July 2012 and later

Kosher Mrs Balls Chutney in catering size containers already bears the Beth Din logo.

The following varieties are included: 

  • Mrs Balls Extra Hot Chutney
  • Mrs Balls Hot Chutney
  • Mrs Balls Lite Hot & Spicy Chutney
  • Mrs Balls Lite Mild & Fruity Chutney
  • Mrs Balls Original Chutney
  • Mrs Balls Peach Chutney
  • Mrs Balls Tomato Chutney

Other varieties may be added in due course.

The above applies only to the South African market. Mrs Balls Chutney made for export is not included in the above.

Kosher Certification of Mrs Balls Chutney has taken many months of hard work and we wish to thank Unilever for their willingness to meet our requirements and also the Beth Din technical and rabbinic team for their efforts. Kosher Mrs Balls Chutney has been a popular request from our community and we are pleased to be able to provide you with this product. You can express your appreciation to Unilever by sending an email to