Go-Go-Bar / Floyds

The following product bears an unauthorized Beth Din Hechsher and is not kosher certified:

• GO-GO-BAR Crispy Wafer In Creamy Milk Chocolate

The following products erroneously bear a Beth Din Hechsher, and are not kosher certified:

• Floyds Soup Supreme – Cream of Chicken
• Floyds Pasta Sauce – Cheese & Macon
• Floyds Pasta Sauce – Smoked Chicken & Mushroom
• Floyds Sauce – Savoury Chicken
• Floyds Sauce – Savoury Meat
• Floyds Gravy Supreme – Roast Meat
• Floyds Gravy Supreme – Roast Chicken

The company apologizes for the error and they are taking corrective measures.