Checkers Balfour Park – Statement from Shoprite

Subsequent to the advertising of a kosher butchery, bakery, deli and fish shop at Checkers Balfour Park, the Shoprite Group’s Corporate Marketing Director, Brian Weyers, said that the supermarket group regrets any wrong impression and the recent confusion created by point of sale material displayed in the store.

The Beth Din had originally approved the above service departments as kosher, subject to certain conditions being met and standards maintained, all of which were agreed to by the Shoprite group. Subsequently, however, the supermarket group felt unable to meet these conditions and mistakenly assumed that we could operate as “kosher style”, without Beth Din supervision. Regrettably this decision did not take into account the sensitivities and high standards of kashrut to which the Johannesburg Jewish Community is accustomed.

Weyers said that following confusion with regard to the kosher status of these service departments – a situation for which the Beth Din is not to blame in any way – all relevant point of sale material had been removed until further notice. Consumers who had purchased items under the erroneous impression that they were Beth Din certified, were offered a full refund.

The supermarket is in the process of reapplying to the Beth Din for certification of the butchery and deli. The bakery and fish shop will remain unkosher for the time being.

“We extend our apology to the Beth Din and Johannesburg kosher consumers, and we look forward to once again providing kosher certified products to the Jewish community”, said Weyers.