Dairymaid-Nestle Flavoured Ice Lollies
Dairymaid-Nestle flavoured Ice lollies are Kosher, Parev and Mehadrin when bearing the Beth Din logo.

Kosher Caterers
All Beth Din approved kosher caterers are listed in the various Kashrut Division publications and on our website. A number of private caterers advertise their services as “kosher style”, or even “kosher”. Unless listed by us, they are NOT approved and we take no responsibility for the kashrut of functions catered by them. When in doubt, please call the Kashrut Division for advice.

Pre-packaged kosher meat
Pre-packaged kosher meat is available for sale in various non-kosher outlets. Such meat must be properly sealed (i.e. double sealed – the outer seal being tamper proof – and bearing a recognized Beth Din butchery’s name and the Beth Din logo). In the absence of such signs and seals, such meat should not be purchased.

The following announcements have been put out by the Cape Town Kashrut Department:

FAIRCAPE 150 ml Choc Mousse has an unauthorized Beth Din sign and is NOT kosher. New packaging will NOT have the BD sign.

ANAT – some of their flavoured bread products are milchik. Check the BD sign carefully.

SNAXELS Choc Stix are incorrectly marked parev. The product is milchik.