Kosher Tussers and Gevinah Cheese

Earlier this year there was some confusion as to the availability of kosher Tussers and Gevinah cheese in the community. Rumours were circulating that Clover would no longer be producing kosher cheese.

Management of the UOS met with management of Clover to discuss the issue. Clover confirmed that their original intention was indeed to halt production of kosher cheese, as distribution was no longer cost effective.

The end result was that Clover undertook to continue production of kosher Tussers and Gevinah cheese, however, they would only be distributing in Gauteng and the Western Cape, where the largest Jewish communities reside.

We have been in contact with the smaller communities in Durban, East London, PE and Bloemfontein and advised them to arrange with the local retailers to supply kosher Tussers and Gevinah cheese. We have offered our assistance in this regard.

In a letter received this morning, Clover have again affirmed their commitment to our community and the continued supply of kosher Tussers and Gevinah cheese.

Please let us know if you cannot find kosher Tussers and Gevinah in your area, and we will do our utmost to assist.