Clover cheese and other rumours

Clover Cheese

Notices have been placed in certain retail outlets advising consumers that Clover kosher cheese production has been stopped. This is NOT correct. Clover production of kosher Tussers and Gevinah cheeses continues as usual.

We have been advised by Clover that they may consider stopping production at the end of June 2009, but no decisions have yet been made. We are in discussions with Clover regarding this matter.

The non-availability of kosher Tussers and Gevinah in certain stores is therefore not the result of production issues. Consumers should enquire of their local retailer.

Jelly Tots

Jelly Tots are NOT kosher. A rumour is being spread that Jelly Tots are kosher and consumers are purchasing this product. We are currently working with the manufacturer (Beacon) and will hopefully have some positive news in the near future. However, until an official announcement is made from the Kashrut Division, Jelly Tots remain NOT kosher.