Strawberries – Update

Further to our recent alert, extensive investigation and research has been carried out. We are happy to inform the public that strawberries can be eaten subject to the following process.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: This procedure must be performed meticulously to achieve desired results.

1. Rather purchase good quality strawberries.
2. Either discard strawberries with soft areas or cut out the soft areas.
3. Either discard any creviced fruit, or slice the whole crevice off with a bit of the surrounding fruit.
4. Cut off (don’t pull off) the leafy section at the top with about 1mm of the fruit.
5. Vigorously agitate the strawberries in very soapy water.
6. Allow the strawberries to soak in the water for 3 minutes.
7. An optional extra precautionary measure is recommended. Using a natural fibre nail/skin brush kept wet with the detergent mixture, firmly brush the entire surface of each strawberry. Make sure that every part of the surface is brushed by at least one up-and-down stroke.
8. Wash each strawberry individually under a strong stream of running water, ensuring that the entire surface of the strawberry is thoroughly washed.
9. Slice the strawberry in half to exclude the possibility of any internal worm.
10. If the strawberries are not going to be eaten straight away, they must immediately be refrigerated until very shortly before eating. If they were not refrigerated, they cannot be eaten unless the process is repeated. However, if you used the method in point 7, refrigeration is not necessary.

The above is for domestic use only but not for kosher establishments and caterers who will receive a separate communication from the Beth Din.