Coca Cola – Updated Product List

The following products manufactured by Coca Cola are kosher, parev and mehadrin. Please note that any product NOT appearing on this list may contain non-kosher ingredients and is not approved:


Bibo Ready to Drink – Apple

Powerade Balance Citrus

Bibo Ready to Drink – Lemon

Powerade Forest Force

Bibo Ready to Drink – Orange

Powerade Island Burst

Bibo Creamsoda syrup

Powerade Jagged Ice


Powerade Mountain Blast

Bonaqua Lychee

Powerade Naartjie

Bonaqua Strawberry

Powerade Orange



Coka Cola

Schweppes Dry Lemon

Coke Light

Schweppes Ginger Ale

Coke Zero (new product)

Schweppes Lemon Lite

Vanilla Coke

Schweppes Lemonade


Schweppes Soda

Fanta Grape

Schweppes Sparkling Granadilla

Franta Orange

Schweppes Tonic Water

Fanta Orange Free


Fanta Pineapple

Sparletta Creamsoda


Sparletta Iron Brew


Sparletta Lemon Twist

Sprite Zero

Sparletta Lemonade


Sparletta Pinenut

Five Alive Pineapple Punch

Sparletta Sparberry

Five Alive Tropical Hit



Stoney Gingerbeer

Groovy Citrus




Minute Maid Apple

Twist Lemon

Minute Maid Guava Nectar

Twist Granadilla