The Real Juice Company

Real Juice, Real Fruit Tea and Quali Juice, manufactured by The Real Juice Company have all been reformulated and will in future contain non kosher ingredients. The Beth Din logo has been removed from the new non-kosher product. Existing products which are still kosher continue to display the BethDin logo. The final products with the kosher logo will have expiry dates as follows:

Real Juice – 4th August 2008
Real Fruit Tea – 14th August 2008
Quali Juice – 21 August 2008

Consumers are advised to check labels carefully.

Please Note: Dairybelle Real Juice is a different product to the one mentioned above and is kosher, with or without the Beth Din logo, in the following flavours (Apple, Appleberry, Cloudy Apple & Pear, Mango Orange, Orange, Pineapple & Ginger, Symphony of Fruits, Tangerine.)