The Kashrut Division has analysed an extensive range of the most commonly prescribed and used medications for use on Pesach.

The sheer number of different medications available makes it impossible to list each and every alternative.

In all cases, DO NOT make any changes to your normal prescribed medication without first consulting with your doctor and Rabbi.

The information is available on our website for download and individual product search.

You may also call 082 444 8524 to speak with a pharmaceutical expert who is on standby to assist you with your queries.

The following rules apply:

  • Items marked as “KFP” are Kosher for Pesach and may be taken without any restrictions.
  • Medication containing KITNIYOT, MAY be taken on Pesach, without any restrictions, and have therefore been classified as “KFP”. However, we have labelled those medications which contain KITNIYOT.
  • Items marked as “Chametz” should only be taken if prescribed by a doctor, are essential, and there is no suitable alternative available. It is recommended that it be swallowed, wrapped in a piece of lettuce or single ply tissue.
  • Items prescribed by a doctor which do not appear on this list or which are marked as “UNKNOWN”, may be taken if no suitable alternative is available. It is recommended that they too be wrapped in a piece of lettuce or single ply tissue.
  • Again, we urge you not to make any changes to your prescribed medication or dosages without proper consultation with a doctor and Rabbi.
  • There are no locally produced Kosher for Pesach vitamins.

    Wishing you a healthy and Kosher Pesach!