1. Consumers are advised to carefully check each and every product purchased to ensure that it has a valid “Kosher for Pesach” label or imprint.
  2. Many products which are “Kosher for Pesach” have identical packaging to the packaging used during the year, with only the label or imprint to differentiate it.
  3. Many people erroneously assume that there is no difference between these products except for the sticker. This is not the case. In fact, most products such as coffee, sugar, coca cola, Cardin etc – have been modified for Pesach and are produced under strict supervision and control.
  4. SALLY WILLIAMS NOUGAT with a Pesach Sticker IS kosher for Pesach and does NOT contain kitniyot. The package which states “corn” in the ingredients is old packaging used during the year, however, a “Kosher for Pesach” alternative has been substituted.
  5. Many retailers have imported Kosher for Pesach products from Israel. Some of these products contain kitniyot and are suitable only for Sefardim. Please check these labels carefully.
  6. Products which are imported from the USA with the Hechsher of the Orthodox Union (the letter “O” with a “U” inside) are kosher for Pesach when the letter “P” is placed beside it. This “P” refers to Pesach and not “Parev”.
  7. Rabbinic authorities debate whether peanuts are considered “kitniyot” or not. The opinion of the Johannesburg Beth Din is that peanuts are not kitniyot, therefore peanuts, peanut butter and peanut oil are permitted when produced under Pesach supervision.