BD = Must have Beth Din Mark,   # = Mehadrin,   M = Milchik,   P = Parev
BD M   Gelda Lactase Drops (*see note)
BD P   Gelda Lactase Tablets – Adult Strength (*see note)
BD P   Gelda Lactase Tablets – Children Strength (*see note)

To overcome symptoms in Lactose intolerant people

New on the market, chewable tablets, makes milk, cheese, ice cream, pizza and other food ontaining dairy products naturally digestible. They are yeast and Dairy Free (Parev)

The product comes in containers of 60 tablets. They are safe and do not produce side effects.


New on the market, lactase drops can be used to make Lactose Free milk at home. By using the lactase drops as directed, you can enjoy in addition to milk, other diary products without suffering any of the previous symptoms of cramps and bloating. The drops come in 7ml container and are Milchik