Pesach Updates and Resources

Dear Community Member

We have all been in lockdown for nearly a week and I was thinking how difficult this Pesach is going to be for many – if not all – in our community and around the world. However, PG we will have everything we need: a Haggadah, wine, matzah, fish and meat. In fact, I believe we are indeed very blessed in South Africa, to have so many of the items that we have come to enjoy over Pesach this year as well, due to the planning of the manufacturers, food services and retail stores.

At the BD Kosher Department, the very reason for our existence is to serve the Jewish community and for more people to eat more kosher more often. We moved all our operations remote over two weeks ago and our team has been working tirelessly to maintain the highest standards of Kosher supervision during this challenging time.

Fortunately, many of our Kosher certified food services are deemed “essential services†by the government and so you can buy from your favourite Kosher butcheries, bakeries and supermarkets.

We have a great list of resources to help you have a meaningful Pesach and make it as user-friendly as possible.

  1. For a list of products that do not require special Pesach Hechsher, please see our Green List. We have close to 30 items on this list. You can access the Green List on our website using this link:
  2. The PNP Pesach Guide is an indispensable booklet which can be accessed online and help you understand all the intricacies of Pesach as well as how to Kasher your home. We have over 50 common items and how to kasher them with an illustrated guide. Please use this link to access the guide:
  3. This year, we have added extra hours to our Kosher Desk WhatsApp hotline, to assist you with your Pesach and general Kosher and halachic queries. Please use our WhatsApp hotline on 0636939417, so we can make your Pesach planning as smooth as possible.
  4. Finally, we have an online “Selling of Chametz†portal which can be completed remotely. Please use this link to access all the info:

I would like to wish you and your families a Pesach filled with joy, unity and freedom.

Kind Regards

Rabbi Dovi Goldstein
MD Kosher