Updated product information

Any All Joy product that is currently certified and appears on the UOS website is kosher with or without a Beth Din logo.


Recently certified products & companies

Staffords Gravy Browning and Red Currant Jelly are both Parev and must have the BD logo.

Staffords Old Style Mustard and Dijon mustard are Parev and do not need the BD logo.

The following Golden Cloud Cloud Cake Mixes are kosher and parev and do not need the BD logo: Chocolate; Vanilla and Latte Flavoured

Orit’s Kosher Bakery is certified kosher

Kosher Cakes by Design is certified kosher

The following Cake Flora Food Gel Food Colours from South Africa are kosher and do not need the BD logo:

Avocado; Bright White; Burgundy; Choc Brown; Copper; Deep Pink; Dusty Rose; Egg Yellow; Electric Blue; Electric Green; Electric Orange; Electric Pink; Electric Purple; Electric Yellow; Frost Green; Fuschia; Gold; Ivory; Leaf Green; Lemon Yellow; Maroon; Mint Green; Navy Blue; Orange; Peach; Deep red; Regal Purple; Royal Blue; Sky Blue; Soft Pink; Super Black; Super Red; Teal; Tulip Red; Turquoise; Violet; Warm Brown; Xmas Red

The following products made by Flava Foods are kosher, parev and do not require the BD logo:

Akila Basmati Rice; Akila Fragrant Rice; Akila Parboiled Rice; Akila Red Specked Sugar Beans; Akila Split Peas; Flava Gold Fragrant Rice; Flava Gold Split Peas; Flava Parboiled Rice; Oryza Parboiled Rice

Farmers Pride Raisins, market many varieties of raisins under various brand names. These are all kosher when labelled with the Beth Din logo.