From BD_CHALAV googlegroup: Fresh Milk


The “21 day extended shelf life” on Montic milk applies only when the bottle hasn’t been opened and remains refrigerated below 4 degrees, but once opened, it will last as long as regular milk, 2 maybe 3 days if refrigerated properly. This means keeping it in the fridge, towards the back and bottom, NEVER in the door, and NEVER on counter tops for longer than necessary.

Freezing Milk – Does it change the milk?

The nutrients stay the same but when freezing milk the fat does separate, a process known as reverse homogenization, thus the ‘mouth feel’ of the milk can be different.

Shaking thawed milk before each use helps to blend the fat back into the milk. Even if you don’t like the ‘mouth feel’ frozen milk is still fine to use for cooking and baking.

Do not freeze milk after the ‘best before’ date. Ideally you should start freezing milk as soon as you bring it home.

Does frozen milk look different?

Freezing milk makes it turn yellowish, because of the fat separating. However, once it thaws, milk will return to its normal colour.

Is freezing milk okay in the plastic container it comes in?

Yes, however, freezing milk causes it to expand. If the bottle doesn’t allow for expansion, you should open the milk and pour out about 1 cup then recap the milk and freeze immediately.

How long can one store frozen milk?

Freeze milk for up to 3 months. Frozen milk is not going to spoil so it’s possible to freeze it even longer. However milk can easily absorb other flavours in the freezer.

How can one thaw frozen milk?

The best method is to thaw the milk in the fridge. This can take a while, overnight or even up to 2 days, depending on the temperature in your fridge.

Milk can be thawed in the sink in cold water to speed up the process. Do not use hot water, or any other source of heat unless the milk is going to be cooked immediately.

Many people thaw milk on the counter but this is not recommended. It’s too easy to leave it there too long and milk at room temperature spoils quickly.

How long is thawed milk good for?

As long as fresh milk. But that varies based on how cold your fridge is and how cold the milk was kept while thawing. Also, freezing does not reverse spoilage, if the milk was not fresh when it was frozen it will go bad faster when thawed.