Please note that the “Pesach section” in retail stores is not under Beth Din supervision. Our certification extends only to the products, and we have no control over how independent retailers pack their shelves. Please check the labels very carefully to ensure that the products are properly certified for Pesach.

KOSHERWORLD is certified by the Kashrut Division and the Pesach shelves have been checked at this store.


The Beth Din Pesach Guide is now available on our website.

There you will find:

  • Product/Cosmetic/Medicine Lists
  • Pet Food List
  • Laws of cooking on Shabbat and Yom Tov
  • Info on chametz, bedikat chametz, burning of chametz
  • Kitniyot, kitniyot derivatives, “egg matzah”
  • Kashering instructions and practical A-Z applications
  • Seder requirements
  • * Zmanim (times/dates) for JHB, CT, Durban, East London, Plett,
  • * Some laws of sefirat ha’omer with omer calendar
  • Sale of chametz forms or online sale option
  • Q&A on Pesach 2012

The actual hard copy of the guide is kindly sponsored by Pick n Pay. Hard copies of the guide are available in selected Pick n pay stores.

* Note: there are some errors in some of the times for cities outside JHB and on the Omer calendar. We apologise for this, and will be sending out a correction in due course.


Some imported products, especially from Israel, carry a valid Pesach hechsher but contain kitniyot or kitniyot derivatives. The custom amongst Ashkenazim is not to consume kitniyot. There are different opinions regarding kitniyot derivatives. Please check labels carefully and make your purchases in accordance with your customs.

Products bearing the OU or Star-K hechsher which are kosher for Pesach will have the letter “P” adjacent to the logo. The “P” is for Pesach, not Parev.


All LANCEWOOD white cheeses marked kosher for Passover are Chalav Yisrael, although not marked as such.

The following CLOVER butters are kosher for Pesach in the following brands. They do not have a Pesach sticker and are not Chalav Yisrael:

Mooiriver – salted butter

Springbok – unsalted butter

COCA COLA and DIET COKE cans are being imported from Israel. They will be available in packs of 24 from various Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar stores from next week.

GENADENDAL Frozen oven baked chips are kosher for Passover when bearing the words “Kosher for Passover” or “Passover” next to the sell by date.


The KCO is an independent body whose stated mission is to “empower and mobilise the kosher consumer”. Any consumer related issues, such as service, availibility and price, can be brought to their attention, and they will assist the consumer by putting them in touch with the relevant provider, and where no satisfactory response is received, by taking up the issue on their behalf. They do not deal with kashrut or halachic issues. They can be contacted via email on or on their Facebook group .