Pesach Bulletin #2

2 April 2009 / 8 Nissan 5769

The 5769 / 2009 Pesach Guide is now available for view and download from our website The printed version is available at various Pick ‘n Pay outlets. A very big thank you to Pick ‘n Pay for their sponsorship of the guide. If you do not have internet access and you would like a copy emailed to you, please send your request to (The file is 2MB)

In the Guide you will find:

  • Comprehensive instructions for kashering for Pesach
  • Practical applications for kashering
  • Dates and Times (Johannesburg only)
  • Provisional Product list
  • Pet Foods
  • Toiletries list
  • Many other useful applications, suggestions and instructions
  • On our site you will also find forms to download and print out for selling your chametz. Please fill in the forms and fax them to us as soon as possible.

    While there, you will also find a comprehensive search for many hundreds of medicines and the rules pertaining to taking of medicine on Pesach.

    Rakusins Mayonnaise contains a sticker bearing the hechsher of the Johannesburg Beth Din. This sticker was placed by Rakusins and is unauthorized. This product was not made under our supervision. It does have the hechsher of the London Beth Din.

    Although this was mentioned in our previous bulletin, it’s worth noting again:

    Many supermarkets have dedicated special sections and shelves for Pesach products, both local and imported. The Beth Din does not have any control over the stocking of supermarket shelves and we cannot guarantee that all items on these shelves are in fact kosher for Pesach. Consumers are advised to check each and every item to ensure that it has a reliable hechsher for Pesach.

    As always, our staff are available to take your queries and input. Please contact our Kashrut Division on:

    Johannesburg – 011 485 4865
    Cape Town – 021 461 6310
    Email JHB:
    Email CT: