More Pet Food Changes for Pesach

Subsequent to the publishing of the pet food list, there have been additional changes made by the manufacturer.

On page 35 of the Pesach guide we list:
Vets Choice: Dog Dry: Entire range except Golden Years & Light

The manufacturer has now added wheat gluten (chometz) to Vets Choice Premium and Vets Choice Large Breed Adult Maintenance.

Our consulting vets recommend that these be substituted with the permitted foods in the Olympic range, i.e. Dog Dry: Conditioning & Small Breed Maintenance.

Many people have asked why we go to such lengths to ensure our pets don’t consume chometz on Pesach, after all, isn’t the restriction of chometz applicable only to people? The answer is that it has nothing to do with the pets’ diet. The restrictions of Pesach include not only eating chometz, but also possessing and benefiting from it. By owning the pet food and feeding it to our pets, we are transgressing these laws.