As a result of recent findings of extremely high levels of insect infestation in strawberries, the Beth Din recommends the following as the effective method of ensuring that strawberries are insect free:

This method supercedes any previous methods which we have advised.

This is subject to modification as a result of seasonal changes.

Equipment required: detergent, bowl, soft very soapy sponge

Strawberries are frequently highly infested with tiny insects although they may appear to be insect-free. The trained eye can find these under the green cap, but will have difficulty noticing them on the outside of the berries.

During certain times of the year, a whitish worm is found deep inside the strawberry, although there is no sign of this from the outside.

1. Cut off (don’t pull off!) the green leaf with about 1mm of the fruit.
2. Cut off any mushy parts as well as deep folds.
3. Soak the strawberries in very soapy water for 3 minutes.
4. Sponge the entire surface of each strawberry using a soft very soapy sponge. If the strawberries have creases and/or folds, take special care to sponge into in those areas.
5. Carefully wash the entire surface of each strawberry under a stream of cold water.
6. Cut each strawberry in half and check for worms.
7. Very important – ENJOY!!