The launch of Divine, Johannesburg’s latest kosher restaurant, heralds a new class of kosher establishment in the city.

Unique in the attention to the flavour and presentation of its modern dishes, Divine stands apart as a kosher restaurant that will bridge the gap between its more traditional clientele and Johannesburg’s discerning food-lovers.

“I have grown up with the saying, `If it tastes good, it isn’t kosher`,” says Chef Patron Richard Pearce. “It is that reputation I am determined to change.”

Drawing upon his training in one of the country’s finest hotels, The Michelangelo, and years of experience in the local hospitality industry, Pearce combines a flair for contemporary cuisine with a passion for the time-honoured dietary customs he grew up with. The result is a menu that is fresh and excitingly varied, and entirely kosher.

“Just about any dish can be made kosher, with some minor alterations to the ingredients or the cooking method. The challenge of making those alterations unnoticeable certainly adds to the creative demands of cooking and keeps the day-to-day job interesting,” remarks Pearce.

The restaurant’s interior has undergone a radical transformation, and is completely unrecognisable from its previous incarnations. Light and open, shades of kingfisher blue and lime green add a refreshing air to a space that is delightfully accented by the work of local artist Frans Groenewald.

Another area which has been completely remodelled is the kitchen, which also houses Pearce’s industrial catering company Totally Kosher. Primarily focused on providing kosher equivalents to meals served by Johannesburg’s top hotels, caterers and conference centres, the company has already built a loyal client list.

“I don’t feel that eating kosher food should be a sacrifice,” declares Pearce. “Should someone choose to eat kosher food, they should enjoy the same quality of meal whether at home, at a restaurant or attending a conference. I believe I can make that happen – that is my dream.”

Divine opened on 30 January 2006. For further information please see contact information below.

Divine = restaurant (meat and parev)
Totally Kosher = catering side for corporate functions only

Address: 430 Louis Botha Avenue, Pentax Car Radio, Highlands North, Johannesburg
Tel: (011) 640 2171/73
Fax: (011) 640-4665