Kosher Hotline for Airline Meals

Ensuring that food is available for those who are travelling and keep kosher is a priority for Steven Dorfman of the company National Quality Solutions (NQS), which provides both IT and National Qualification (Skills Development) training to companies and individuals within South Africa. Steven, who a year and a half ago took voluntary retrenchment from his position as IT manager of Air Chefs to start NQS, still works closely with Air Chefs as he designed many of their IT systems. He was recently requested to also act as the kosher Account Manager.

As a service to the Jewish community NQS and Air Chefs have set up a kosher hotline for all passengers travelling on Alliance Express, Inter Air, Air France, Air Gabon, Lam, Ethiopia Airlines, Air Zimbabwe, SAA, SA Express, Cameroon, Egypt, Air Tanzania, Air Malawi, Air Seychelles, Kenya, East Africa Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Madagascar Airlines.

Travel agents or passengers who require kosher or special kosher meals, such as Vegetarian, Fish, Mehadrin Commission etc, will now be able to phone the number specified below a minimum of 48 hours prior to the flight and give their requirements. This special order will then be passed onto Air Chefs Operations. Travellers will also be able to confirm their order the day before their flight and if there is a problem, this will be sorted out timeously.

Executive Manager Product Development for SAA, Myriam Bracke said, “This is the best idea I’ve seen in a while”.

Rabbi Yossi Baumgarten the principle rabbinical supervisor for South Africa, has endorsed the kosher hotline saying the project would be very helpful to kosher passengers and the Union of Orthodox Synagogues was behind the initiative 100 percent.

The kosher enquiry number is (011) 440-4588. It operates Monday to Friday from 9am to 12 noon only. Travel agents or passengers can also email requests or complaints to In the New Year an interactive website will launch and passengers and travel agents will be able to check on their orders in this manner.